Software Update (v2.96)

Written by Robin Morris

Bookster Self Catering, Bookster Pitch and Bookster Rooms

  • Revamp of rates interface
  • Allow various settings to be applied by date:
    • Weekend boost
    • Check in / Out
    • Minimum night stay
  • Allow Weekend Boost to be any % value
  • Allow availability to be blocked off more than a one year in advance

Major changes

  • Availability Searching: large rework and improvement in speed of availability searching
  • Console: migrate map marker and threshold settings across to new Admin Console from the Brand Console
  • Email Marketing Suite: add "Accommodation Enquirer" auto mailing list
  • Email Marketing Suite: add "Basket Enquirer" auto mailing list

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Don't allow an email address to be used as a username to avoid critical reviewers being identified
  • Fix bug when updating packages in the new console
  • Fix Bug in reviews experience date

Client interview: The Edinburgh Address

Written by Robin Morris

A bedroom (© 2011 Aline Raiffe) The Edinburgh Address logo

In order to help us understand how we are doing and get some feedback, we sat down with The Edinburgh Address and interviewed Anna Morris (AM) and Anne Marie McEwan (AMM).

We met them at the gorgeous Castle Terrace apartment that they manage in central Edinburgh with amazing views directly on to Edinburgh Castle. We only had a hour or so as guests were arriving with Anna and Anne Marie ready to give them a personal greeting.

Tribalogic services used by The Edinburgh Address:

What does The Edinburgh Address do?

We provide luxury self catering accommodation on a short-term letting basis in Edinburgh. This basically consists of two jobs:

  1. property management; and
  2. guest relations.

A work in progress: Bookster Rooms

Written by Robin Morris

In a slight break from convention, I am going to tell you about a product that we do not really publicise at present but is being used by a number of our clients.

We call it Bookster Rooms.

Bookster Rooms is for aparthotels, B&Bs or small hotels.

New! Nearby on Google Maps

Written by Robin Morris

nearby-attractionsOn Property Portfolio and other directory sites ...

... we have added the ability to include nearby entries on a single entries location map (e.g. nearby attractions or properties).

This is a great way for potential guests to see the context of the apartment before they book and give them confidence their choice of apartment is near the attractions they want to be near.

However, this feature could also be used to show Directory Entries of the same type so for example the user could be shown alternative apartments in the locale.

Software Update (v2.95)

Written by Robin Morris

Major changes

  • Directory: add the ability to include entries from another Syndicate on a directory entry location map (e.g. nearby attractions)
  • Directory: add Google Site Speed tracking to our Google Analytics tracking
  • Console: change the per page drop-downs to remember the last selected value

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Fix problem with logging out users
  • No longer allow email addresses as usernames
  • Show entry type on users login page
  • Update Zend Framework to 1.11.6

Software Update (v2.94)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Console: Booking Timeline (beta) improvements
  • Console: add a new drop-down to pick the number of items listed per page (20,50,100) on Entries, Bookings, Reviews etc. screens 
  • Console: add a new Bookings Summary that shows the booking count and total value
  • Directory: availability searching performance improvements
  • Directory: entry contact form - set "allow [website name] to contact you... " ticked by default and remember preference in session

Minor Changes

  • Update to Zend Framework 1.11.5
  • Console improvements
  • Booking Screens: allow custom HTML to be injected on confirmation screen based on Syndicate
  • Payment Gateways: improve error messages given to users when transactions fail
  • Payment Gateways: allow custom message from Payment Gateway owner if transaction fails (e.g. "Having problems? Why not call us on 0123...")
  • Email Marketing Suite: delete some empty lists created on initial set up

We are hiring!

Written by Robin Morris

New applications are now closed to this position.

We are looking for an new member of the team, based from our office in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The main responsibilities will be in the working in HTML/CSS and providing friendly and rapid support on our public interfaces.

Software Update (v2.93)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Console: Booking Timeline (new!)
    • See all Bookings, Blocks and Availability over time
    • Fill those gaps
    • Use as an operations tool to view up coming bookings
    • Currently in Beta
  • Performance: Availability searching performance improvements
    • Availability searching across "multi-product" entries (Bookster Rooms, Bookster Pitch)
    • A lagre restructure of code and query analysis has reduced average query time by 75%


  • Update all client sites to Joomla! 1.5.23
  • Console improvements
  • Email Marketing Suite integration update

Software Update (v2.92)

Written by Robin Morris

Major Changes

  • Console: add the ability to add/remove Entries from a Group page
  • Console: add the ability to add/remove Entries from a Directory page
  • Console: when adding Entries, apply a Package to all Entries that you are adding
  • Console: General UI improvements
  • Console: Improvements in Payment Gateway UI when specifying credit card charges
  • Directory: Availability searching performance gains
  • Platform: Update platform to use Zend Framework 1.11.4
  • Bookster ShowTime: improvements in UI


  • Console mobile interface is restored to it's former glory
  • Fix to Basket / Items InfoHTML problem
  • Removal of old files relating to unused functionality

Central Edinburgh Lets: Property Portfolio

Written by Robin Morris

Cameron Properties Ltd. recently moved their two property Central Edinburgh Lets site over to a Property Portfolio website.

They have two gorgeous flats in the New Town of Edinburgh that are available for holiday lets throughout the year.

The Property Portfolio lets them show them off in a way that is easy for users of their website while having full control over property pages, other website content and bookings.

Take a look at the site on

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