Friday the 9th March 2007 sees the launch of Tribalogic!

Caravan Sitefinder Ltd. and CSUK Solutions are sold to Haymarket, allowing the formation of the new technology company Tribalogic.

The founding fathers of Tribalogic include Craig Douglas, Thomas Fothringham, Colin Guthrie, Robin Morris, Zeno Kerr and John Davidson... all working to build a better future (or at least a virtually better one).

Tribalogic are going to build on the success of Caravan Sitefinder Ltd. developing some exciting and innovative software in the web directories and online booking arenas.

Also, Tribalogic will take on web based directories, online booking for Caravan Sitefinder (now part of Haymarket), Caravan Parkfinder AU, Mainpoint, Pole Position Travel, Go Golfing, The National Caravan Council and many more.