325 files changed, 8733 insertions(+), 12578 deletions(-)

Major Changes

  • Directory Categories - Improved editor for updating categories and include the categories names into URLs
  • Bookster ShowTime - Allow the deleting of performances
  • Bookster ShowTime, Bookster Pitch and Bookster Rooms - Add "go to date" link when looking at availability

Other Changes

  • bring our version up to Zend Framework 1.10.7
  • Update to 0.5.4 of Dynatree
  • Add additional validation for email addresses when making bookings
  • Track who made a manual bookings through the "Add Booking" form
  • Only ask for one telehpone number on the booking screens
  • Allow users subscribed to a service to add new entries to this service if allowed
  • Add "group_id" field to the booking export (useful for Property Agencies)