397 files changed, 15,181 insertions(+), 62,037 deletions(-)

Major Changes

  • Hide Zero Score Entries: entries that have a score of zero or below will no longer be shown in the directory, providing a simple way to remove entries from view.
  • Bookster Rooms: with this release, we have laid the groundwork for a new product that will be suitable for guest houses, B&Bs and even small hotels, we are calling it Bookster Rooms... more information to follow.
  • Improvements to Bookster ShowTime Performances, Extras and Availability (learn more)
  • Admin Console: add ability to filter bookings by group

Other Changes

  • Upgrade to Zend Framework 1.10.6
  • Show source of booking when viewing entry "dashboard" in console
  • Show when a booking has been cancelled when viewing entry "dashboard" in console
  • Show the syndicate list more appropriately/accurately
  • Improve logging of errors/warnings on the live server
  • Add a new cache backend: Database
  • Support an internal-only OR based facility/recreation filter
  • Fix the Excel download in brand console
  • Fix console logout URLs when inside Joomla / Drupal
  • Add extra debug to image cropping
  • Improve speed of AJAX calls from booking calendars
  • Better email validation on entry contact forms
  • Allow review character count to be configurable per directory
  • Fix availability by day - jump to next date with availability
  • Admin Console: allow new entries to be created and added to an existing subscription