Working together and developing products since 2002, Tribalogic has got some serious skin in the game. With expertise in all things digital for the holiday rental industry - Tribalogic has honed its skills into Bookster.

Based in Edinburgh's west end and with clients all over the globe - we do our very best to create products that help you... do you.

We can help.


The tribe

  • photo of Colin

    Colin Guthrie
    Founder + Technical Director

    Colin is to be found behind a keyboard or on a snowboard. Colin is the technical heart of Tribalogic and is generally assumed by everyone to know what he is talking about which either means he is brilliant or a brilliant bluffer.


  • photo of Robin

    Robin Morris
    Founder + Managing Director

    Robin plays tennis (but does not mention this to John), loves a coffee shop and his holidays. Robin has been with Tribalogic since the start and is an all rounder when it comes to the day-to-day operations while trying to persuade more people to use Tribalogic's amazing tools.


  • photo of Craig

    Craig Douglas

    An industry pro with 20+ years managing holiday rentals - Craig brings a wealth of hands on operational knowledge to the team.

  • missing photo of Kelly

    Kelly Odor
    Marketing Director

    Kelly is an avid traveller, music enthusiast, eco warrior and marketing master. Kelly joined the tribe in August 2018 direct from Valencia and brings years of industry experience with her.

  • photo of Thomas

    Thomas Fothringham

    Thomas is into a bit of fishing, piano, bagpipes and languages, and has recently re-ignited an enthusiasm for skiing. Thomas is the calm, reassuring voice of reason and at other times makes sure the books balance.

  • photo of Adam

    Adam Aaron
    Support lead

    Adam joined Tribalogic in early 2013. He has slowly been moving all his belongings into the office hoping the rest of the team won’t notice. In his spare time he loves sketching and doodling on his iPad.

  • photo of Jonny

    Jonny Brannen
    Sales executive

    Jonny joined in May 2019 and is rare breed of colleague that operates at high efficiency with little to no caffeine. A keen musician and football enthusiast - Jonny has fit right in.