Working together and developing products since 2002, Tribalogic has got some serious skin in the game. With expertise in all things digital - Tribalogic has honed its skills into two main products - Bookster and Caravan Sitefinder.

Based in Edinburgh's west end and with clients all over the globe - we do our very best to create products that help you... do you.

We can help.


The tribe

  • photo of Colin

    Colin Guthrie

    Colin is to be found behind a keyboard or on a snowboard. Colin is the technical heart of Tribalogic and is generally assumed by everyone to know what he is talking about which either means he is brilliant or a brilliant bluffer.

    www | @colinguthrie

  • photo of Robin

    Robin Morris

    Robin plays tennis (but does not mention this to John), loves a coffee shop and his holidays. Robin has been with Tribalogic since the start and is an all rounder when it comes to the day-to-day operations while trying to persuade more people to use Tribalogic's amazing tools.

    www | @robinmorris

  • photo of Thomas

    Thomas Fothringham

    Thomas is into a bit of fishing, piano, bagpipes and languages, and has recently re-ignited an enthusiasm for skiing. Thomas is the calm, reassuring voice of reason and at other times makes sure the books balance.

  • photo of Lyle

    Lyle Markle
    Senior Designer

    Lyle joined the tribe in early 2014. A design graduate from Canada with an ad agency background, his creative endeavours include branding, designing and developing websites and applications for a vast array of clients.

    www | @lylemarkle

  • photo of Adam

    Adam Aaron
    Website manager

    Adam joined Tribalogic in early 2013. He has slowly been moving all his belongings into the office hoping the rest of the team won’t notice. Adam is the expert that keeps the wheels turning with Caravan Sitefinder. In his spare time he loves sketching and being with his family.

    www | @aaaronorg

  • photo of Lucian

    Lucian Rusu
    Sales executive

    Lucian joined Tribalogic in 2015. With a masters in marketing and years of sales experience under his belt, Lucian brings his expertise to both Caravan Sitefinder and Bookster. Despite his kind and friendly temperament, Lucian rides a motorbike and is somewhat of a pool shark - thus making him the office thug.

  • missing photo of  Max

    Max Zavgorodny

    Max came onboard in early 2018 bringing decades of development experience with him. The strong silent type, Max is a quick learner and has a daily half cup of extra strong black coffee after lunch... Secret sauce?

  • photo of Anna

    Anna Mazurkiewicz
    Content specialist

    Anna started working with Tribalogic in late 2014. Anna loves all creative work as well as writing HTML and CSS, hoping to expand her knowledge in web development in the near future. Apart from long hours spent in front of her laptop she enjoys surprising people how much she knows about healthy food and healthy eating.