Software Update (v2.76)


Console: Advanced FIlter

Console: Advanced Filtering

When searching in "My Entries" and "My Bookings" Bookster Self Catering and Bookster ShowTime users can now filter their results in a more refined manner using the advanced filters.

Console: Groups

Those with access, can now:

  • assign entries to groups
  • update existing group details

Console: Add Entry Improvements

We have introduced a Syndicate setting that allows the syndicate manager to specify which Syndicates appear in the add booking form.

Console: Assume user identity

If you have the highest level of access in the console, you can now view exactly what any given user can view. We will be rolling this out to Directory Managers in due course.

More Details

Here are a few of the changes that we have made, "under the hood" of our platform:

Zend Framework Logo
  • Upgrade of Zend Framework to v1.10.1
  • Improvements in caching to aid performance
  • Ability to link to anchored entry layout pages
  • Removal of much old "brand" code, replaced with new "Websites" structure
  • Many "Website" settings are now updatable in the Admin Console
  • Warning on the use of IE6 in the Console
  • Persistant log in: when logging in to the Console, users will not be presented with the checkbox: Remember me on this computer