Major Changes

  • Console: Booking Timeline (beta) improvements
  • Console: add a new drop-down to pick the number of items listed per page (20,50,100) on Entries, Bookings, Reviews etc. screens 
  • Console: add a new Bookings Summary that shows the booking count and total value
  • Directory: availability searching performance improvements
  • Directory: entry contact form - set "allow [website name] to contact you... " ticked by default and remember preference in session

Minor Changes

  • Update to Zend Framework 1.11.5
  • Console improvements
  • Booking Screens: allow custom HTML to be injected on confirmation screen based on Syndicate
  • Payment Gateways: improve error messages given to users when transactions fail
  • Payment Gateways: allow custom message from Payment Gateway owner if transaction fails (e.g. "Having problems? Why not call us on 0123...")
  • Email Marketing Suite: delete some empty lists created on initial set up