We have been working hard at some of the core concepts underpinning our systems and we are making great strides enabling us to move forward in exciting directions.

Further User Consolidation

This release sees the final banishment of our 10 separate log in systems!

Another significant improvement of the users system - merging directory and booking users into a common structure.

This will make things a lot simpler technically and should also allow managing a directory capable of accepting online bookings from its entries a great deal easier too.

Many of the changes are "under the hood" and will not make a great deal of difference to the daily use of our software but these changes will certainly allow greater flexibility in the future.

Multiple Users to One Entry

Multiple Users to a Single Entry

As well as being able to assign any user to an entry, directory managers can now assign more than one user to an entry.

This could be very handy when:

  • Creating a Group is overkill but multiple people need to administer an entry
  • Many people are responsible for a single entry
  • Someone has 2 or more logins and want to administer an entry from multiple logins


Bookster is a booking system for short-term lets and holiday accommodation which Tribalogic are launching in early 2009.

Keep and eye on www.booksterhq.com.

Bookster Rates Editor

Rates Editor

We have been working on a slick and easy to use rates interface for Bookster.

We are really happy with how it is looking and it is on target to be ready for the Bookster launch.

Booking Screens

A number of improvements were made to the booking screens for Bookster - see example booking screens