Major updates

  • Admin Console: added “last login date” as a Filter on the People tab
  • Bookster: update which arrivals and departures are shown in the iCal feed

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Bookster: added a message if an outstanding damage deposit is blocking the cancelling of a booking
  • Bookster: update the version of AngularJS used in the public booking process
  • Bookster: improve reliability when taking payments via PayPal
  • Bookster: improve error reporting when importing iCal availability
  • Bookster: if there is no availability mark the next 10 years as busy in iCal feed
  • Bookster: in the iCal booking feed, added a booking URL to provide quick access to the Admin Console from your favourite calendar
  • Tribalogic: allow i and em tags in links only WYSIWYG
  • Tribalogic: add cache invalidation when reviews are left/saved
  • Tribalogic: allow to search on the parent Type
  • Tribalogic: added an option to include Bootstrap v3 when setting up new Websites in Tribalogic
  • Tribalogic: improve support for publishing Entry email addresses into Email marketing
  • Tribalogic: allow Users to edit permissions for Users below them