Major updates

  • Bookster: include previous week's arrivals and departures in iCal booking calendar feed
  • Bookster: add the guest name to the Arrivals Report

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: hide booking source from Users that cannot view payment details
  • Admin Console: can now filter based on the date an Entry (Property, Park, Article etc.) was created
  • Admin Console: removed some old unused Website Settings
  • Bookster: improve arrivals / departures iCal booking feed to improve compatibility with 3rd party calendars
  • Bookster: improve feedback when promo codes are entered by guests on the check-out process
  • Email marketing: ensure that viewing from within the Admin Console works when it should
  • Payments: various improvements when taking payments via PayPal
  • Websites: fix a problem that could result in Google Analytics Events recording 1 when tracking a count of search results
  • Websites: update Font Awesome to 4.3
  • Websites: try to stop blocking the Google Bot from reading CSS/JS files