Major updates

  • Email marketing: add the ability to publish any Tribalogic CMS Type that contains email data into Email Marketing
  • Bookster: improve the 'arrivals report':
    • Use 'today' and 'tomorrow' where appropriate
    • Allow filtering by property

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • iCal availability sharing:
    • fix a problem where availability would sometimes not be blocked off beyond the dates that rates were defines
    • progress towards allowing check-in, check-out and other booking information be viewed in 3rd party calendar Apps using iCal
  • Bookster: major upnder-the-hood changes to progress towards responsive booking process
  • Bookster: add validation when creating a promo-code name
  • Platform: improve logging and performance of background, periodic tasks
  • Performance: caching improvements
  • Messaging: use Gearman to run the messsaging service