Major updates

  • Admin Console: major performance improvements
  • Admin Console: highlight 'payment not received' bookings in the dashboard
  • Joomla: add a feature to set a cookie and remember when users transfer from a Tribalogic Joomla website into the Admin Console
  • Platform: improve the social sign up page
  • Platform: improve the functionality that truncates text and presents a 'read more' link

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: fixed bug in the Bookster rates editor
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that would cause the WYSIWYG editor to fail when in a tabbed input field
  • Admin Console: fix a problem where 'promo codes' would inappropriately show up for some Properties
  • Platform: support getting the 'original' of uploaded files via the size argument
  • Platform: use the default search page over 'index'
  • Platform: fix a problem that would stop users from successfully filling out a Captcha when registering as a new user