Major updates

  • Admin Console: new search filters for User Reviews
  • Admin Console: add the ability to export User Reviews
  • Admin Console: add dev tickets so our Clients can view and comment on developments
  • Admin Console: improve work-flow when creating some Entry Types - allow Entries to be auto-subscribed Service upon creation
  • Booking: ignore case when comparing emails logging to view a guest booking
  • Platform: major improvement in caching structure, updates to Entry content will now be published live instantly

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: allow Entries to be "promoted" into other menus
  • Admin Console: created a new Element allowing Users to be associated with Entries
  • Admin Console: catch an exception when updating a Client and the email is already in use
  • Booking: fixed minor validation issues with the iCal export
  • Platform: JavaScript: Update jquery.cookie to v1.4.