Major updates

  • Admin console: performance improvements
  • Admin console: Tree structures can now be edited
  • Admin console: iCal calendar URLs can now be read to block out availability (under "availability")
  • Admin console: sold out date filter
  • Platform: Brightcove videos now supported in movie Elements
  • Platform: availability searching performance improvements

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: add Entries to a Subscription using Filters
  • Admin console: allow Element content editor to only allow links
  • Booking: set the cardholder state required for the US and Canada
  • Booking: performance improvements for booking screens price searching
  • Booking: Sage pay error reporting improvements
  • Platform: Last updated date can now be shown per-Element
  • Legacy: remove various bits of legacy code
  • Legacy: always redirect to a valid page in the accommodation for sale/rent