Major updates

  • Platform: add the ability to issue 301: redirect, 410: content permanently removed or a 404: page not found when removed directory Entries are requested
  • Platform: major performance improvements on search results (up to 20x faster database queries and up to 3x faster page loads)
  • Platform: update search filter sliders so they take account of the search results
  • Platform: allow searching for Entries written by a specific author
  • Joomla: update to ARTIO JoomSEF 3.11.0
  • Joomla: update to jEvents 2.2.9

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: add ability to filter Subscriptions by date created
  • Admin Console: added ability to filter on Bookings using damage deposit status
  • Admin Console: see a list of Subscriptions assigned directly to a User in the header menu
  • Admin Console: do not offer retired Services as an option when subscribing
  • Admin Console: added more options to the balance due date setting
  • Booking: don't send deposit reminders after the guest has arrived
  • Platform: add the ability to sort Entries by date created