Major updates

  • Admin Console: allow the cookie compliance message to be edited
  • Bookster: improve confirmation emails
  • Payments: support for taking payments via the Stripe payment gateway (see
  • Payments: support for taking payments via the PayPal Pro (aka "PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment)" or "Website Payments Pro")
  • Platform: switch the YouTube player to the recommended iframe method

Minor updates and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: improve the text of the message in a booking if the remaining balance less than zero
  • Admin Console: add Type options to suppress the dashboard and stats pages
  • Admin Console: allow deities to change an Entry created by/author
  • Admin Console: do not include retired Directories in the list when creating a new Subscription
  • Email Marketing Suite: ensure that email lists are updated when a user's role changes
  • Platform: created a rating Element so that Administrators can assign a rating to an Entry for the public to view
  • Platform: do not include Bootstrap in the Joomla Administrator
  • Platform: update default Bootstrap to 2.3.2
  • Platform: allow users to be assigned to subscriptions as primary contact
  • Platform: the experience date of a review must be in the past
  • Platform: improvements to the per-Entry "Add review" form
  • Platform: add ability to display the latest review from an Entry
  • Platform: attempt to tidy up the HTML entity status of accommodationTribalogic have updated their Platform. Updates include