Major updates

  • Marketing Management Toolkit: initial features now live
  • Marketing Management Toolkit: add the ability to publish Promo codes to individual properties
  • Marketing Management Toolkit: add support for free/busy iCal integration
  • Directory: more information can now be placed into Google map tool tip and click boxes
  • Directory: add the ability to "cluster" Entries together on Google maps
  • Bookster Pitch: add support for "maximum night stay"
  • Admin Console: give Admins the ability to add a new Service

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Directory: remember Google maps zoom level and position in searches
  • Directory: upgrade to Google Maps API v3
  • Directory: add traffic to Google maps
  • Directory: add cycle routes to Google maps
  • Platform: upgrade to jQuery v1.7.1
  • Admin Console: fix a discrepancy in dates between Dashboard and Bookings tab
  • Admin Console: improvements to the "Share / own website" area
  • Bookster Pitch: fix a bug that would set the deposit percentage to always be 1%