Major changes

  • Packages into Services
    • Packages have been converted into Listing Services
    • Entries assigned to a Package have been given a Subscription to the newly created Listing Service
  • Admin Console: new interface for upgrading / downgrading Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: Replace console messages with a single system
  • Admin Console: new advanced filter to show Entries that have not been recently update
  • Hosting: move to new hosting provider to improve scalability and performance (Linode)
  • Mobile: allow mobile versions to have identical directory URLs to full website version

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: Improve moderation of Reviews
  • Admin Console: Replace some pop-ups with jQuery dialogues
  • API: allow the setting the number of days before arrival when it is not possible to book
  • Investigate and fix Google Analytics tracking issue
  • Fix bug in multi-unit booking screens (assigning party members to products)
  • Continue to convert “Features” to new “Elements” in preparation for complete move into Admin Console from Members Console