Major changes

  • New "Add booking" process
    • allow Administrators to place a booking even if it will cause a double booking
    • allow Administrators to override various rules that stop the public booking (reduced availability, check in/out rules, min-night stay etc.)
    • do not send confirmation emails when placing bookings in the Admin Console - this is now done separately (see below)
  • Allow Administrators to publish Syndicates to their Websites
  • New booking profile page
  • Allow Administrators to send or resend booking confirmation emails
  • Improve Bookster Self Catering availability calendar widget and booking screens styling
  • Change in permissions that makes it easier for clients to share entries

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • add a "clear" button to reset Admin Console searches
  • solve a problem that would have stopped Bookster users in Internet Explorer 7 & 8 from using the Admin Console
  • fix a problem that caused the Image Uploader fail in Internet Explorer under certain circumstances