Major changes

  • Directory: clicking on any photo can now bring up the Lightbox Gallery
  • Directory: adding new types of images to Entry Types is now a lot easier
  • Directory: add captcha support to user registration to mitigate against spam user registrations
  • Admin Console: improvements in uploading images
    • New interface
    • Tracking on users that uploaded images
    • Better copyright warnings
    • now store the original images and resize on the fly as required
  • Bookster: new rates interface
  • Bookster: help with signing up to Payment Gateway
  • Booking: support for Cardsave payment gateway

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: minor stylistic enhancements
  • Admin Console: fix package score counter
  • Admin Console: add Message to registration explaining why emails are invalid usernames
  • Admin Console: fix a problem when trying to change a Users email address to one that already existed in the system
  • Directory: fix invalid HTML in content lists