Major updates

  • Payment: add support for refunding PayPal payments
  • Bookster: balance payments and security deposit management now available on all paid service levels above Solo
    • send out emails requesting balance payments
    • send out emails requesting security deposit payments
    • automatically refund a security deposit
  • Email marketing: increase the frequency when publishing email addresses to the Email marketing suite
    • Send slick, branded emails to enquirers, bookers, managers, website users
    • was publishing twice a day, now every 15 minutes

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: add a setting to create damage deposits for manual bookings
  • Admin console: correctly Audit log Subscription commencement/expiry date changes
  • Admin console: improve icons used in various places
  • Booking: fixed bug where the data was not stored when redirecting for some errors
  • Bookster iCal availability import: add a setting for storing when a feed was last processed, added more debug info to the iCal feeds
  • RESTful API (beta): updated support for creating a booking