Major updates

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: improve “Arrivals report” display on tablets and mobile devices
  • Admin console: add support for grouped extras in the multi-product ‘create booking’ wizard
  • Admin console: restore the ability to edit party details for existing bookings
  • Admin console: allow manual bookings to be created with start dates in the past
  • Admin console: add the time back into the date title when viewing a booking
  • Booking: improve error messages shown to the customer when details are too long
  • Booking: fix a problem that would cause CV2 card numbers beginning with ‘0’ to fail
  • Booking: don't run the balance payment trigger if there is no outstanding balance
  • Bookster: improve iCal import error handling
  • Platform: update to latest version (1.1.0) of dform
  • Websites: save the availability search cookie even when loading cached pages.
  • Websites: improvements to server side caching
  • Websites: allow links to search pages
  • Webistes: fix a problem that would cause some bookings not to be registered in Google Analytics