Major updates

  • Admin Console: add an ‘Arrivals report’ to assist Cleaning, Operations and Meet & greet management

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: allow searching on payment gateway id
  • Admin Console: fix a problem where irrelevant Services would show up in Booking search filters
  • Admin Console: improve look when printing
  • Admin Console: update the iCal sharing help text
  • Admin Console: add support for stripe.js with wizard payments
  • Booking: added Stripe payment support to the responsive booking screens
  • Websites:  prevent automatic sliding kicking in again after manually selecting the next photo in a carousel
  • Websites: add a way to avoid the external URL check
  • Websites: avoid some 'Unknown' labels when displaying certain filter types
  • Websites: beef up the display options on URLs
  • Websites: do not set the start date on availability calendars from a cookie if the end date is not available