Major updates

  • Admin Console: add a "load more" to the bottom of the dashboard for showing older dashboard events when available
  • Admin Console: add filters to the dashboard to make it easy to show only the type of event you are interested in
  • Admin Console: show all payments events in the dashboard
  • Admin Console: make it possible to publish and unpublish automatically using dates
  • Admin Console: add new "online / offline" toggle in listing Subscriptions to make it easier to take Entries offline
  • Admin Console: allow damage deposits to be deleted if the customer has not been emailed
  • Bookster: improve the text of the deposit form and allow the percentage deposit to be zero
  • Bookster: fixes to Rates UI in prep for user testing
  • Bookster: added VAT to subscription invoices
  • Bookster: in the rates page, hide the calendar if no rates are set
  • Websites: optimise images uploaded into the Platform for improved speed and score in Google PageSpeed
  • Websites: disable the submit button (availability search forms) unless valid dates are selected

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: tweaks to "pending payment" bookings
  • Bookster: add a currency symbol to the 'Minimum deposit' field
  • Bookster: do not show cursor when you can't click on the calendar
  • Websites: give website users the ability to update their mailing list preferences (something removed in error)
  • Websites: minify CSS and JS files where possible to improve performance
  • Websites: move CSS and JS files to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to improve performance