• Admin Console: improve the "Share+Embed" interface
  • Booking: improve performance on booking screens when doing price look ups
  • Platform: can now order Entries by last updated
  • Platform: allow users to login using an email address
  • Platform: improve support for taking monthly payments (via Sagepay) against a Subscription in the Admin Console

Minor and bugfixes

  • Admin Console: warning message about changes not going live immediately
  • Admin Console: only show iCal feed to appropriate Entries
  • Booking: various performance improvements
  • Booking: fixed a bug in the calendar was displaying some non-bookable dates, when the user selected these dates they were told cannot find a price
  • Platform: in layouts allow the inclusion of cross-Type Entries (e.g. show a nearby Property when viewing a list of Attractions)
  • REST API: more progress towards releasing a REST JSON/XML API
  • WordPress: update plugins (Akismet to v2.6.8, iframe to v2.7, custom-post-type-ui to v0.8, nextgen-gallery to v1.9.13, simple-local-avatars to v2.0, w3-total-cache to v0.9.2.11)