Major updates

  • Admin Console: improved performance of the "Bookings" tab
  • Admin Console: allow filtering using Website drop-down on Enquiries tab
  • Admin Console: add filter for Entries NOT having items selected (e.g. show all Properties that "Does not have" Linen provided)
  • Booking: improve handling of failed 3D-secure bookings

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: rename 'contact' fields and make 'manager' fields more clearly for Administrative purposes
  • Admin Console: improve "Entries" tab to make it clearer when looking at multiple Types
  • Admin Console: make a start on defining a new REST API
  • Booking: fix JavaScript inclusion errors on balance payments
  • Booking: Fixed bug in multi-unit-availability
  • Google Analytics: fix a problem that would break eCommerce tracking on some Websites
  • Feefo: create content module for displaying Feefo reviews on Entry pages