Major updates

  • Admin Console: Admin users can now assume identity of lower users to assist with support
  • Admin Console: Improve manual bookings to support adding historical bookings
  • Admin Console: upgrade Google Analytics API and improve assignment of GA Profiles to Websites on the Client page
  • Platform: add a setting in Listing Services to display Entry pages with a "noindex" meta tag

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: fix a bug that caused 'undefined' to appear in the modal dialogue box after adding a user
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that was causing all Accommodation to be displayed when clicking 'next' after a search
  • Admin Console: can now specify a ZenDesk landing page
  • Booking: fix a problem where a booking may have been placed twice under certain circumstances
  • Google Analytics: include extras and discounts in the transaction passed into eCommerce tracking; improved support for currencies
  • Platform: upgrade jQuery UI
  • Platform: add validation of email & telephone numbers on Enquiry forms to stop random data being posted
  • Platform: upgraded Sagepay use version 3 of their API - support MasterCard debit and passing surcharges to SagePay's terminal
  • Platform: start putting in place infrastructure to charge for Subscriptions on a monthly basis via Sagepay