Major updates

  • Admin Console: new help page - presents a form for Entry Administrators to request support (overridden by a ZenDesk integration)
  • Admin Console: allow the dates of a booking to be altered
  • Admin Console: improve messages relating to balance due date
  • Platform: support passing booking information to the FeeFo independent review service
  • Property Portfolio: improvements to property information pages in the default Bootstrap Template

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: improve Dashboard display
  • Admin Console: fix a problem with Tagging caused by the jQuery upgrade
  • Admin Console: IE8 users are now being asked to upgrade their browser
  • Booking: send an email to guests confirming when a balance payment has been successfully made
  • Platform: convert basket/items system to an enquiry-based system
  • Platform: update geolocation text label from "near" to "in or around"
  • Platform: show the correct currency when showing prices in the listing pages