Major updates

  • Admin Console: show which Websites a User has logged in to
  • Admin Console: sales and rental Enquiries combined all Enquiries and now available under the Enquires tab
  • Admin Console: creating a Booking is now available via the "Actions" menu
  • Admin Console: show Subscriptions Users are directly subscribed to in the top menu
  • Admin Console: allow "Sales and Rentals" to be shown in the Admin Console
  • Admin Console: iCal sharing is now available to all Bookster users
  • Platform: no longer supporting Internet Explorer 8 on the platform
  • Platform: send an email to a user to confirm their balance payment has been successfully made

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: upgrading of jQuery to 1.9.1
  • Admin Console: removal of "Reviews" text box from the Edit menu of all Types of Entry
  • Admin Console: removal of Prowl integration that was never used
  • Admin Console: improve reading of YouTube URLs when adding them as Entry videos
  • Admin Console: store booking service with a booking and list in the Bookings Export