Major updates

  • Admin Console: Administrators can now leave comments on Bookings and Entries
  • Admin Console: Migrate some Types of Entry to the secure Admin Console (attraction, gallery, golfclub, restaurant, property)
  • Admin Console: Add the ability to leave a Comment while cancelling a Booking
  • Property Portfolio: All information on Properties is now edited in the Admin Console by Property Managers
  • Property Portfolio: TripAdvisor badges can now be displayed on a per-property basis if desirable

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: Entry content menus only show up if the Entry has a Listing Subscription
  • Admin Console: Update to Bootstrap 2.2.2
  • Admin Console: Fix notice and make the calendar work
  • Websites: Allow the disabling of confirmation emails when enquiring
  • Admin Console: Do not suggest retired resources as potential additions to ACLs
  • Admin Console: Fix some problems with adding promo codes