Major updates

  • Admin Console: give certain classes of Administrators the ability to delete Entries, Groups, Services and Subscriptions
  • Admin Console: when a user makes a balance payment, it will now appear in the Dashboard
  • Admin Console: reinstatement of booking Timeline view under the "Bookings" tab
  • Booking: on booking process, when Payment Gateway is PayPal, add the text "Payment will be taken via PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal website to complete the transaction" and update the continue button to say "Continue to PayPal"

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: add a mechanism to affix the header of the console in place
  • Admin Console: update Bookster rates styles
  • Admin Console: improve remembering that users are logged in to avoid losing changes made over a long period of time
  • Admin Console: remove "C:\fakepath\" from appearing when uploading images
  • Admin Console: add an Entry Type filter under the "Entries" tab
  • Admin Console: fixed bug on promotion codes interface
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in IE8 that prevented the deleting of availability blocks
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in the extras interface set all extras to have a min quantity of 1
  • Admin Console: fix a bug in the opening times form
  • Booking: do not allow Google to spider the links on the calendar
  • Booking, Websites: clean up any links to view pages with start dates in them
  • Platform: add a work around to a PHP crashing issue
  • Platform: added a basic boolean Element type for storing yes/no values