Major updates

  • Admin Console: new look and feel
  • Admin Console: responsive design to work better when viewed on mobile devices
  • Admin Console: new consolidated "Actions" menu
  • Admin Console: improved Tagging of Entries
  • Admin Console: improved commenting on Bookings
  • Admin Console: improved Booking view
  • Bookster Rooms, Bookster Pitch: assign Extras to a specific Room or Pitch type
  • Payment Gateways: add support for DataCash
  • Payment Gateways: new "basic check" payment gateway type

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: use the Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework
  • Admin Console: improvements to the share dialogue
  • Admin Console: improvements to the "add booking" wizard
  • Admin Console: speed improvements
  • Management Toolkit: include property name in the iCal availability feed
  • Sales XML feed reader: improved error reporting
Lines added: 34k, lines removed: 23.5k affecting 1.2k files.