Major updates

  • Booking: added pre-set values to the calculator when creating a booking in the Admin Console. Set the deposit to 10%, 25%, 50%, 100% in a single click
  • Booking: emails now show the current values for total, balance, charges, i.e. now reflects changes made by adding extras or recording payments
  • Directory: awards can now have ratings 1/2 to 5, e.g. half star increments
  • Management Toolkit: balance request emails can be turned on/off for a booking
  • Management Toolkit: add items to a booking after the booking has been made

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Booking: fixed a bug when adding a booking in the Admin Console that sometimes prevented a booking being made
  • Booking: allow the Bookster calendar to be used on client websites
  • Booking: fixed a bug that allowed users to proceed to extras on booking screens even when bookings were not set up
  • Booking: fixed a problem where the final page of booking screens could be illegible
  • Directory: can now show the 3rd party review count in entry links
  • Directory: fixed a bug that prevented Proprietors from being displayed
  • Directory: fixed caching bug that affected Address, RatedList, and 3rdPartyReview fields
  • Directory: allow radius filter to be adjusted using a slider
  • Directory: store original images in media collections
  • Directory: convert the ajax text search to use jQuery UI