Caravan Sitefinder booking API and Bookster Console UIs

Major updates

  • Update the Dashboard insights
  • The Caravan Sitefinder pre-sales API
    • is now available in JSON (in addition to the existing XML)
    • allows triggering of consolidation via ReST
    • allows ReST interface to tagging bookings
  • Improvements to the Bookster initial walkthrough
  • Send out a notification email when a booking is updated
  • Various improvements to the Bookster Channel Manager

Minor and bugfixes

  • Only show API submenus to those users who say they are Developers
  • Fix a bug that caused odd behaviour when loading Bookster iCal settings
  • Hide the 'More -> Subscriptions' menu when a User can only see one
  • Fix rounding bug in Channel
  • Work through various user access issues
  • Minor improvements to the Bookster Arrivals Report