This month includes improvements to Bookster Channel Manager and Caravan Sitefinder booking API.

Major updates


  • Channel Operators can now:
    • preview properties before accepting them onto their Channel
    • set specific terms for when a Guest books via their Channel
    • create Bookings in the Console for properties that join their Channel
  • Improve options for early payment of Damage Deposit
  • Cancelled bookings can now be reinstated

Caravan Sitefinder

  • Various improvements to booking API editor and documentation

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Channel bookings now appear in the Booking Timeline
  • Add support for the concept of various types of Channel
  • Booking status shows list of people getting Booking notification emails
  • General tidy up of Settings that are not used
  • Improved efficiency of consolidation process
  • Add support for Google Captchas in various contexts
  • Add rotate option to the image uploader