February 2016 technical updates to the Tribalogic Platform which supports services such as Bookster, Caravan Sitefinder and much more.

Major updates

Admin console

  • release beta image uploader to make it easier to upload multiple images


  • allow multiple email addresses to receive booking emails on a single Subscription

Booking API

  • add Promotional Codes
  • document Promo Codes with examples
  • updated Extras documentation

Minor changes and bug fixes

Admin console

  • hide an Entry name when it's updated automatically
  • avoid a JavaScript error on form submit when logging an update
  • sort the menus before returning
  • add a fix for ‘more’ menu on console on touch devices
  • show gateway specific parameters when viewing payment transactions


  • start work on the ability to assign Users as “Owners” for:
    • viewing basic booking details
    • editing availability
  • fix the display of some Website settings


  • don't combine the lines 1 and 2 of the address before validate
  • Booking screens
    • fix a bug in rate group display on the
    • don't show optional Extras if they are not selectable
    • set the currency when creating payment messages
  • fix a bug in rates, when creating a new product we were adding a min_price
  • when combining bands flatten all price includes bands regardless of the party makeup
  • remove combine_bands pricing inconsistency

Booking API

  • remove currency from v1.0 Extras schema
  • for newer versions of the API allow extra_persons to break banded checks
  • upgrade all the IRs we are documenting to v1.0

Channel Manager

  • add content classes for displaying Channel ids
  • made the handshake and Channel-Entry ids more generic
  • added a JSON option for displaying the booking link
  • invalidate the searches when an entry is updated
  • invalidate cache when updating 3rd party IDs
  • don't show channels if the service is retired or there are no terms
  • created a REST API for 3rd party handshakes
  • hide a JSON setting should not be showing to Users

Platform / Websites

  • be slightly friendlier when showing an enquiry form
  • detect, process and store additional dynamic fields
  • load up our generic params if we detect JSON data
  • add a generic enquiry params that reads JSON
  • add cache tags when saving per Entry layouts
  • make the Geodata Element tolerant of when there is no address
  • rename some Enquiry settings for clarity
  • fix a bug in reverse ACL query
  • add a specific wizard for deleting an entry
  • enable element group descriptions as alerts
  • support Trees being a required Element
  • Alchemetrics: disable realtime syncing for now
  • Alchemetrics: add more logging
  • Alchemetrics: add ability to sync a single user