Our websites allow enquiry forms show on each Entry (e.g. property or supplier) page.  Users can fill in the form and send an Enquiry - this generates an email and is also saved in the Admin Console.

By default the Enquiry will be sent to the email address associated with the Entry.

So, what's new?

We can now configure your website (e.g. Property Portolio) so that Enquiries to a single email address and will only be seen by Website Managers.

  • send all Enquiries to a single email (e.g. your support system)
  • hide from Entry Managers (e.g. property managers)

This is great if you want to have all your Enquiries going to your team but still allow Entry Managers to log in and update content.

The fallback email address is still available so if an Entry does not have an email address set, the Enquiry can be sent to someone to deal with.