• General improvements to the channel integration
  • Fixed a bug that might cause problems when saving promotional codes
  • Improvements to Wizards in the Bookster Console
  • Change way to log into Guest Area so all guests can log in
  • Remove guest address details from Guest Area to avoid information leaks
  • Fix a problem that would show a Payment Date as "1 Jan 1970"
  • Show the initial % a Channel will take to confirm a booking
  • Improve sign up process when publishing property details to Visit Scotland
  • Improve ability to restrict last minute bookings and honour in Channels
  • Remove dead support menu

Caravan Sitefinder

  • 356 campsites and caravan parks were updated or added
  • Solve a problem when setting up pitch pricing in Safari
  • Update Loo of the Year awards
  • Fix a problem that would cause sorting by user rating to break
  • Fix a problem where reviews would be left with no rating
  • Adding improved ratings markup and style