As part of my academic course, I am working with Tribalogic in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotland’s capital city: Edinburgh is one of the most attractive place in the United Kingdom; built on volcanic hills the city offers a panorama that is outstanding and beyond compare to its 486,120 inhabitants.

The impressive view on Arthur's Seat

The impressive view  of the city on Arthur's Seat


Through it’s history, heritage and iconic places Edinburgh is the top touristic destination in Scotland and second only to London in the United Kingdom.

The economy of the city is one of the most prosperous of the United Kingdom and unemployment rate is the lowest (2.4%). Therefore, many people choose to work here whether it be for a couple of months or for a lifetime.

Work placement in Edinburgh

I am a one of around 7,000* international students who seize the opportunity to come to Edinburgh, indeed thanks to the Erasmus programme it has never been easier to do a work placement abroad. The reason why Edinburgh appeals to so many students is based on it’s cultural wealth, some examples of which are:

Moreover the city has all the advantages of a capital (It is a dynamic city with many events) but without the disadvantages (the city is small enough to go almost anywhere on foot).

As part of my work placement I have been working on Bookster for two months. Bookster specialise in holiday rental businesses which is an asset because tourism is one of the booming sectors in Edinburgh thanks to the number of tourists coming every year.

bookster logo

Doing a work placement is the best way to gain work experience and confidence, it is certainly an enriching experience but even more abroad since you have to deal with a different language and to adapt to the enterprise culture.

Tribalogic is the kind of company that is fully aware of the importance of communication in the world of work ; they organise daily meetings to talk about objectives, issues and state of progress. Moreover, the team is always available to help its members and especially the customers.


Edinburgh Castle towering above Grassmarket


The good communication and the nice atmosphere of the office are the strengths of Tribalogic and it made my adaptation so much easier. As a trainee, I had the opportunity to submit ideas and share my thoughts which is something very motivating and consequently I was really involved in my project.

Working in Edinburgh

Edinburgh not only attracts international students but also entrepreneurs wanting to open their business, indeed the capital city is in the top 10 for new business start-ups in the United-kingdom with 7,112 new companies opened in 2013.

Moreover, many migrants workers choose to start a new life in Edinburgh. Polish, Indians, Irish, Germans are the main migrant groups in the capital city.

There are many interesting places to open a business or to find a work such as the new town and the centre ‘Princes Street, George Street, Grassmarket, the Royal Mile’ are famous streets that are crossed everyday by a huge amount of people.


'House of Edinburgh' one of the most famous souvenir shop in the Royal Mile


The Old Town

Grassmarket offers an ideal opportunity for pubs, restaurants and hotels. The street is overlooked by the impressive Edinburgh Castle which adds something fascinating to the place. Grassmarket is a good illustration of Edinburgh’s multiculturalism since you can find ‘Le Petit Paris’ restaurant next to ‘Gennaro pizzeria’ and not so far the ‘Iconic’ antiques scottish design.

the grassmarket in edinburgh

The multiculturalism of Edinburgh 


Not forgetting, the vast choice of pubs and nice hotels for short term stay: Kick Ass Hostels and The Grassmarket Hotel.

The Royal Mile is a perfect place for tourism, shopping and accommodation : souvenir shops (House of Edinburgh- a high quality souvenir shop) attractions for tourists : free ghost tour, haggis adventures and shops of all kinds.

The New Town

Princes Street is one of the most famous shopping area in Edinburgh. The street brings together well-known brands: Jenners, House of Fraser, Mark & Spencer, Zara, BHS. The proximity with the Scott Monument, Calton Hill, the National Gallery and Princes Street Gardens makes the place even more interesting.

Edinburgh’s financial centre is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and the sector has known one of the most important growth over the last past years. The area is surrounded by banks and insurance companies : The Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, Standard Life. Among them is located Tribalogic office in Rutland Square.


Tribalogic office in Rutland Square


Edinburgh is full of career opportunities and unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities to work in.

* number of international student in Edinburgh between 2012-2013