My name is Ida BÉMA. I come from Cameroon but I have been living in France for 13 years. I am studying international trade studies in France and during my first year I have to do a work placement in a foreign company abroad. My internship consists of looking for new customers during a period of nine weeks.

Tribalogic's office on Rutland Square
Tribalogic office

Basically, I'm the new trainee of Tribalogic.

In January 2013, a classmate told me about Tribalogic, I decided to apply for this firm and Robin Morris, a Director of the company, hired me for the work placement.

My job in this company consists of finding new clients that is to say property owners and managers for Tribalogic. I'm going to use the social networks (Facebook and Twitter) in order to make known the firm to new potential targets.

In order to search for new customers, I will have to discover the city of Edinburgh and it's properties and also visit potential clients' websites - we will try to engage with them via email or social media.

Bikes on Rutland Square, Edinburgh
Where I am working - Rutland Square, Edinburgh, Scotland.

My job is to convince the property owners and managers (our direct clients) that Tribalogic can help them rent their holiday properties. They don't have to worry about the payment because thanks to Bookster and all the indicated instructions, they can book their accommodation anytime and anywhere independently.

To conclude, I have to promote the firm to holiday home owners and managers living in the english speaking countries.