Auto responders in our Email Marketing Suite make it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers without lifting a finger.

emailQuickly build and schedule automated date-based campaigns. Send single emails or a sequence over time.

I have outlined some examples of how you can schedule Auto-responders to work with our Platform.

Example 1 - Keeping in touch after a holiday cottage booking

12th Jan [booking]
John Smith books Holly Cottage, arriving 10th July through (a Property Portfolio website)
 9th Jul [auto-responder]
It is the day before John and his family are due to arrive at Holly Cottage - the auto-responder kicks in - he is sent an email to remind him of his booking and explaining how to pick up the keys
20th Jul [auto-responder]
A week after John departs, he is asked about his stay.  An email containing a link to a simple survey form made using Form Stack
12th Dec [auto-responder]
It is 11 months since he booked so John is sent an email reminding him that he booked his holiday cottage and asking him if he would like to book with Brilliant Holiday Lets Inc. again

Example 2 - How did we do email

20th Oct [enquiry]
Oliver Markham sends an enquiry to a camp site on
27th Oct [auto-reponder]
Seven days after he sent his enquiry, an email is sent to Oliver asking if he found the information he was looking for and was there anything else we could do to help?