The Edinburgh Address on iPhone book now

We have implemented a mobile version of The Edinburgh Address holiday apartments website.

To see it you will need to navigate to on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

How did we do it?

So how did we go about showing mobile users a completely different interface?

  • the mobile device is detected using a Joomla! plugin which switches to a Joomla! template designed specifically for mobile devices
  • the mobile friendly interface is then achieved using the jQuery Mobile framework
  • we created some specific Tribalogic Platform pages to output mobile specific HTML and smaller image sizes


Which devices will it look good on?

It should look great on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and many more... the list of jQuery Mobile supported platforms is impressive.

TEA-mobile-listing TEA-HTC-homepage The Edinburgh Address on Blackberry

Want a mobile version of your Tribalogic website?

Mobile is a rapidly growing sector, quickly becoming difficult to ignore.

We can give any of our websites a mobile interface.

Simply ask.