Sometimes a user needs to be given a nudge in the right direction.

The Tribalogic Platform is a flexible and powerful directory tool, allowing us to do some great things for our clients.  A good example is how we can give preferred listings additional prominance throughout a website.

Example - Caravan Sitefinder "Book online" parks

When searching for caravan parks and campsites, Caravan Sitefinder shows the user a bookable park that matches their search criteria above other listings.



Example - Reserve Apartments "Featured" holiday lets

Reserve Apartments wanted to pull out some featured apartments and give them a little more prominence throughout the user experience.

reserve logo

"Featured" on the home page

Three selected properties  are pulled from their portfolio of over four hundred.

screen grab of reserve apartments featured properties

"Featured" and "New" carried through to listing pages

"Featured" and "New" properties that match your search criteria as your browse through

screen grab of reserve apartments featured listings