As part of my time as a student working with Tribalogic, I spent an afternoon with one of their clients: The Edinburgh Address.

The Edinburgh Address is a serviced and self catering properties company founded by Anne Marie McEwen and Anna Morris in March 2008.

At first sight, we can think that they are an estate agency, but not really. Indeed, they specialise in renting their client's apartments for holiday rentals. They manage 20 properties at this time.


The firm has been headed by Anna Morris and Anne Marie McEwen since the beginning. The company has two leaders, three full time staff and one part time - Rachael, Kirsty, Erin and Siobhan. Yesterday, I was hosted by Rachael who specialises in Marketing. She cares for the company Facebook and Twitter pages. There's also Siobhan who is the Sales and Marketing Assistant who works part-time. Erin and Kirsty handle Guest Relations.

The competition in this sector is quite significant but this company stands out in Edinburgh having these type of clients. That is to say that the firm only rents high end flats to guests - the properties are priced accordingly.  The properties are very different on the whole but they do have some factors in common: they are chic, sophisticated and conveniently located in the city centre. 

This firm is highly sought by property owners. Indeed, it's not them who are prospecting for new owners but the owners who call them asking to look after their properties. It's quite unusual but it enables to the company to be busy all the time.

The Edinburgh Address website which was created by Tribalogic and it enables the firm to have a high profile online and take guest bookings.


To take care of the properties, the company has been working with a cleaning company since the beginning. The whole TEA team is responsible for looking after the appartments.

The goal of the company is to provide a bespoke service according to their guest's requirements and expectations.

Tribalogic and The Edinburgh Address

Tribalogic are responsible for


"The Edinburgh Address want visitors (the potential guests) to be autonomous in their decision making..."

In order to provide the best website possible to potential clients, The Edinburgh Address uses Tribalogic services. Tribalogic is skilled not only in booking services but also creating, designing and organising a website.

The website perfectly fits with The Edinburgh Address image and concept. Indeed, the website is very aesthecticaly pleasing, chic and the firm wants to prove to visitors that they can't find a better luxury self catering holiday service.

The Edinburgh Address want visitors (the potential guests) to be autonomous in their decision making about a rental property.  For the owners who are looking for an agency for renting their property, the firm put every detail which could seduce the owner.  The website is practical but sophisticated and refined.

Key points:

  • Property Portfolio Website
  • Bespoke website design - image is perfectly fitted with the company concept
  • Instant booking - the potential guest can book any property according of the availability of property
  • Newsletter - use of the Email Markerting Suite
  • Apartment listings - really smart and relevant... search by availability, maps, rooms, faciltiies etc.
  • Property details pages - each apartment is introduced using photos and all relevant criteria