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After a business & marketing studies and a fashion degree, Gillian Cameron worked for the family property letting business for many years until the company was bought over.


Starting from nothing, she founded Coast Properties in 2006. At the beginning, she worked from home - she set up her own office with her colleague Julie Da Costa in 2007. Julie worked with Coast for six months before leaving and then being tempted back.

They are the two leaders of the business, they are the heart and soul of this successful firm. Indeed, the company has a growing reputation thanks to the hard work of these two women and their employees Aileen Cameron (Gillian's mother) the key to the firm and Alex, who looks after the financial aspect of the company and works part-time. There's also Hannah, a seasonal employee who works in summer when she's available. She is responsible for meeting guests, answering guests emails and updating the company's website.

This company has an incredible story. Started from scratch, Coast Properties has in four years, become the biggest letting company in North Berwick thanks to the significant word of mouth around the town. Also for good reason, when Gillian left the family business, some of these clients followed her. North Berwick is a quiet, magnificent small town where the most people know each other.


This firm became an exceptional competitor of her direct rival located on the same street : Holiday homes. Unlike their main competitor, Coast Properties as I said above, started from nothing with no guarantee of success, they succeeded in becoming a large firm. Moreover, the company wants to still maintain a caring relationship with their clients (who are from various backgrounds), they really care about their clients and the owners' guests in order to rent to guests in the best way possible.

I think that's why this firm is gaining sympathy towards her clients. When the owners are satisfied, they thank the company. The property owners live in North Berwick or they are abroad (France, Spain, Australia and all over the UK). The firm works only with individuals.

The company keeps on being busy all the time because they have more and more guests especially in winter and summer. The biggest seasons of the year in letting properties sector. For prospecting new customers, they used to manage a website with advertising few years ago, but now they don't need this anymore. Twice a year, they put an ad on their window especially on holiday. They are really famed in this town.

The company earn commission percentage of the rental price of a holiday. The bigger the property, the more expensive the rental price.


North Berwick is one of the more expensive places in Scotland consequently, each property is magnificent and the standard of living is high. 90% of the properties are located in North Berwick, in any case, all are situated in the East Lothian area.

As you might have noticed, it's an all female company, random of circumstances or a real wish? Whatever, this firm keeps on proving her efficiency, her excellence in their relationships with their clients and their guests.

Gillian told me that perhaps in future they might establish subsidiaries of the company which could be a good idea thanks to the incredible success of the company in this town. Very impressive.

To conclude, we can say that this scottish company is really stunning. Who could predict that they could become a substantial company in the letting properties sector?

North Berwick - the land of opportunity!