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Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that gives you an insight into who is visiting your site.

We have integrated Google Analytics in such a way as to give you the best information possible to assess how you are performing.

Google Analytics allows you break down your visitors in every way imaginable (geographic location, browser, content viewed etc.) and so will quickly become a vital tool in assessing your performance and improving your wesbite.

Seamless integration

We will ensure that Google Analytics is installed and working correctly on your Tribalogic website.

Event tracking

Integrated support for event tracking allows you to track the important things that your visitors are doing. 

For example:

  • are users clicking "Book Now" on listing pages or full information pages?
  • which entries are getting the most page views?
  • are their date searches returning limited or no results?

We will set your website up to track all of these events in Google Analytics for you.

eCommerce tracking

If you are using Bookster on your website, we will pass booking information into Google Analytics where you will be able to track revenue and conversion ratios to help you monitor and improve your performance.

Google Analytics provides you with the tools to help you understand where you are being successful or otherwise.

For example:

  • which source (Google, Bing, in-bound links etc.) generates the moste revenue?
  • which pages are people viewing and then going on to book?
  • which countries are people more likely to book from?