v2.156 release notes

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin Console: added “last login date” as a Filter on the People tab
  • Bookster: update which arrivals and departures are shown in the iCal feed

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Bookster: added a message if an outstanding damage deposit is blocking the cancelling of a booking
  • Bookster: update the version of AngularJS used in the public booking process
  • Bookster: improve reliability when taking payments via PayPal
  • Bookster: improve error reporting when importing iCal availability
  • Bookster: if there is no availability mark the next 10 years as busy in iCal feed
  • Bookster: in the iCal booking feed, added a booking URL to provide quick access to the Admin Console from your favourite calendar
  • Tribalogic: allow i and em tags in links only WYSIWYG
  • Tribalogic: add cache invalidation when reviews are left/saved
  • Tribalogic: allow to search on the parent Type
  • Tribalogic: added an option to include Bootstrap v3 when setting up new Websites in Tribalogic
  • Tribalogic: improve support for publishing Entry email addresses into Email marketing
  • Tribalogic: allow Users to edit permissions for Users below them

v2.155 release notes

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Bookster: include previous week's arrivals and departures in iCal booking calendar feed
  • Bookster: add the guest name to the Arrivals Report

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: hide booking source from Users that cannot view payment details
  • Admin Console: can now filter based on the date an Entry (Property, Park, Article etc.) was created
  • Admin Console: removed some old unused Website Settings
  • Bookster: improve arrivals / departures iCal booking feed to improve compatibility with 3rd party calendars
  • Bookster: improve feedback when promo codes are entered by guests on the check-out process
  • Email marketing: ensure that viewing from within the Admin Console works when it should
  • Payments: various improvements when taking payments via PayPal
  • Websites: fix a problem that could result in Google Analytics Events recording 1 when tracking a count of search results
  • Websites: update Font Awesome to 4.3
  • Websites: try to stop blocking the Google Bot from reading CSS/JS files

Hiring: Advertising Sales Executive

Written by Robin Morris

The Role

Be the first in the door.

Tribalogic operate an exciting established online listing business that reaches millions of visitors each year and is poised for rapid change.

Based from our Edinburgh offices, the new Sales Executive will be calling existing and new customers in a proactive manner, speaking to marketing directors and business owners/directors. You will be dealing with a variety of customers from local businesses to corporates, closing sales deals on the day.

The Company

We are geared up for the growth of the business and hence our search for a new Sales Executive.

For this Sales Executive position, we are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Good sales skills
  • You may come from a B2B or B2C sales background
  • Ambitious, confident and lively candidates who like a challenge are sought

Benefits of this Sales Executive role:

  • Base salary: £18,000
  • OTE uncapped commission
  • Laptop, 30 days holidays

Please submit your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

v2.154 release notes

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Bookster: view guest arrivals and departures via iCal
    • a live iCal feed of arrivals and departures
    • include guest information to easily work from your calendar
    • view using all major calendar services and Apps (e.g. Google, Apple Calendar, Outlook etc.)
    • authenticated URL unique to a single log in
  • Bookster: new mobile friendly booking process
    • complete redesign of the check-out steps
    • easy for guests to book vacation rentals on mobile or tablet
  • Bookster: some documentation on how to use the RESTful API
    • use of the API
    • grab a list of bookings
    • grab a single (more detailed) booking
  • Email marketing: now available directly within the Admin Console
    • a single click to view and create email marketing campaigns
    • single log in, no additional username and password needed

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin Console: can now show / hide parts of the history of a booking
  • Admin Console: click through directly to the Tribalogic Sprint Board to see what we are working on for you
  • Admin Console: fix a problem that would cause FeeFo reviews to show up incorrectly
  • Bookster: view emails sent to guests in the History of a booking
  • Bookster: fix a problem that would sometimes cause the 'release damage deposit' button to fail
  • Bookster: update of booking insights on the main Dashboard page
  • Bookster: fix a problem where the link back from the PayPal payment completed page would produce a 404
  • Tribalogic: only show Directory review settings when the type has a review element

v2.153 release notes

Written by Robin Morris


Major updates

  • Email marketing: add the ability to publish any Tribalogic CMS Type that contains email data into Email Marketing
  • Bookster: improve the 'arrivals report':
    • Use 'today' and 'tomorrow' where appropriate
    • Allow filtering by property

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • iCal availability sharing:
    • fix a problem where availability would sometimes not be blocked off beyond the dates that rates were defines
    • progress towards allowing check-in, check-out and other booking information be viewed in 3rd party calendar Apps using iCal
  • Bookster: major upnder-the-hood changes to progress towards responsive booking process
  • Bookster: add validation when creating a promo-code name
  • Platform: improve logging and performance of background, periodic tasks
  • Performance: caching improvements
  • Messaging: use Gearman to run the messsaging service

v2.152 release notes

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Admin console: update the per-entry booking status modal dialogue
  • Admin console: streamline publish status on Entry Dashboard pages
  • Bookster: seasonal minimum pricing
    • set the lowest price willing to accept for a booking
    • set a different minimum for each season
  • Guest area: complete redesign
    • slick new style
    • layout updated to ensure important information is highlighted
    • improve performance when printed

Platform update (v2.151)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Payment: add support for refunding PayPal payments
  • Bookster: balance payments and security deposit management now available on all paid service levels above Solo
    • send out emails requesting balance payments
    • send out emails requesting security deposit payments
    • automatically refund a security deposit
  • Email marketing: increase the frequency when publishing email addresses to the Email marketing suite
    • Send slick, branded emails to enquirers, bookers, managers, website users
    • was publishing twice a day, now every 15 minutes

Minor updates and bug fixes

  • Admin console: add a setting to create damage deposits for manual bookings
  • Admin console: correctly Audit log Subscription commencement/expiry date changes
  • Admin console: improve icons used in various places
  • Booking: fixed bug where the data was not stored when redirecting for some errors
  • Bookster iCal availability import: add a setting for storing when a feed was last processed, added more debug info to the iCal feeds
  • RESTful API (beta): updated support for creating a booking

We are hiring! PHP Developer role

Written by Robin Morris

Tribalogic are looking for a PHP developer to join their Edinburgh team

Tribalogic are hiring!
PHP logo

Tribalogic is a vibrant software company, looking to grow over the coming years. If you are happy working in a small, close knit team and taking on responsibility for your own work then you may have found the perfect role!

You would be developing and maintaining enterprise web applications used by millions of people each year.

Tribalogic are looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person to join their development team on a permanent basis in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Required Skills

  • At least one year commercial PHP development experience
  • Good understanding of HTML / CSS
  • Good knowledge of SQL

Rate your plate

Written by Robin Morris

Using Tribalogic to build the restaurant rating service at www.rateyourplate.co.uk.

Tribalogic client Rate your plate have utilised Tribalogic to build a fantastic bespoke mobile friendly website allowing diners to rate their meal in a quick and simple way.


Rate your plate is currently focused on Edinburgh eateries and offering customers the opportunity to share their dining experience with the world.

Rate your plate on a desktop browser

desktop screen grab of Rate your plate

Rate your plate on a mobile browser

mobile version of Rate your plate

Platform update (v2.150)

Written by Robin Morris

Major updates

  • Booking: add the initial payment taken to the Booking export
  • Payment: allow subscription payments to be set up using Stripe
  • Platform: implement Service Collections

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Admin console: allow more clearly that a booking is not confirmed
  • Admin console: improve confirmation steps for booking creation
  • Admin console: show the booking email status if it is available
  • Admin console: fix website exclusions query
  • Admin console: include informative text when there are no arrivals to show
  • Booking: reload the booking screens if a provider is being updated
  • Payment: updated the list of supported cards when using Stripe
  • Payment: added a deferred payment operation
  • Platform: disable TLD checks on email addresses
  • Websites: allow awards to automatically appear by year
  • Websites: allow sorting directory results by element updated date
  • Websites: improve user reviews
    • switch to a new reviews plugin
    • allow half stars
    • add a method for displaying the average review rating by category
    • add a test for counting the number of user reviews
    • allow sorting based on user reviews in new searches
    • implement a star rating only review form
  • Websites: fix an awards / memberships bug in displaying of images
  • Websites: reduce the scope requested for Facebook login.
  • Websites: fix an image uploads when updating awards / memberships type Elements

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