Software Update (v2.68)

We have updated the Tribalogic Platform to version 2.68. Here are some of the the major improvements we have pushed out in this release.

Edit Dates On The Fly

Allow surfers to adjust their dates from within a search
Edit Dates and Party

Our property agency websites can now be setup to give surfers the ability to change date ranges and party size while they are within their search results.

No more visits back to the home page to alter dates!

For examples of this in action, check out:

Bookings: More Details

Hold your booking information in Bookster

Bookings in Bookster Self Catering and Bookster Self Catering Pro now allow the storage of additional information related to your bookings.

This allows for use of Bookster / Bookster Pro as more of a management tool.

Add the following fields to your booking:

  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Security deposit
  • Security deposit refunded

Look for the "management" link when viewing a booking in the console.

More details in booking Excel export

Get all booking info into your systems
Excel Export

As well as allowing more details to be stored with each booking, we have also added more columns to the bookings list Excel export.

The following columns are now included:

  • Outstanding balance
  • Party size
  • No. of extras
  • Arrival time
  • Departure time
  • Security deposit received
  • Security deposit refunded

Payment Gateway Options

More payment gateway integrations

In what has been a extraordinary undertaking, we have completely rewritten how our payment gateway integration works in order to allow support of additional payment gateways within our platform.

We now support:

  • Cyber Source
  • PayPal
  • Sage Pay (aka Protx)

Adding additional payment gateway solutions will now be easier than it was previously.

Other Updates and Improvements

  • [update] - Improve the loading time of location selector in members console
  • [bugfix] - Fix the featured entry click count from Joomla modules
  • [bugfix] - Stop En Suite turning itself on when it should not
  • [bugfix] - Fix the add period link of the extra tab in IE8