Software Update (v2.65)

The Tribalogic Platform has been updated to Version 2.65, which includes many bugfixes and features, some of the highlights are listed below:

Bookster Show Time

Bookster Show Time

Bookster Show Time is a service that allows shows and events to get their tickets online quickly and easily.

With this update, Bookster Show Time users now have full control over the number of tickets available to book.


New Console: Remember A Quick Filter

Back Button Joy

When you do a "Quick Filter" search in the new console, your search terms and page will be remembered for then you hit the back button or return to that search page.

Create Syndicates

New Console: Syndicates

Directory Managers can now edit and create new syndicates.

As we progress towards integration of directory and booking platforms, creating Syndicates is now the equivalent as the creation of "affiliates" in the booking system.

See the "System" tab when you are logged into the new console.


Syndicates and Affiliates

As part of our drive to integrate the Booking and Directory plaforms, Syndicates are now the new Affiliates

Creating a Syndicate will have the same effect as creating an affiliate used to: allowing the tracking of bookings and different branding of booking screens.


Reviews: when did you visit?

With this update, our comments and reviews feature now includes a "When did you visit?" drop down, giving more context to the review and allowing feedback from entries to be more relevant.

Did you know? The platform can be set up to allow administrators to moderate reviews before they go live.