Software Update (v2.64)

New Location Selector


Since updating the basic structure of the platform it has been a bit of a pain finding the correct location to which a new or existing entry belongs.

We have improved the location selector so that it is a great deal easier to find the correct location!

Locations in URLs

We have created a more flexible location system resulting in location names being written into the URLs.

This should prove a boast for any or our directory sites when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

On The Fly Fish Directory:

"... fisheries/find/location/1116-scotland"

Moving towards single IDs

We are trying to move towards single IDs for all our entries so on full info pages:

  • 'Property ID:1234' or 'Supplier ID:1234'
  • becomes 'Entry ID: 5678'

This matches up with the number in the entry page URL.

New Console: Faster

Our new console should now feel snappier thanks to some optimisations that we have done when searching for entries and in general use.

New Console: Syndicates


Directory Managers can now see where their directory is syndicated to.

See the "System" tab when you are logged into the new console.